The Gis tool "Appennino"
SETUP and Instructions
1) Download and save the GIS tool Appennino (file: Appennino1.11.mxt) in your folder;
2) Download and save the tool instructions (file: about.pdf)
3) Open your Arcmap (versions 9.x)
4) Open a new empty map
5) Go to File-Open and click on Appennino tool1.11.mxt.
6) Click on the icon with the mountain picture

To try the tool with a tested sample of dataset:
 1 - download the sample files (
2 - extract in your folder:
 - Availability_plots
 - Home_ranges
 - Land_use and
 - Pheasants_points
 3 - open your Arcmap, Go to File-Open and open them

If you want to know how the program runs, download the vba_code.pdf